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Spiritual Warfare
posted by: Bettye Jackson on 4/10/2019

It has been brought to my attention that there is a "monitoring spirit" that's come against me, and been there for years I just didn't realize it. Now, I understand what's been happening in my life for the last seven years; it's perfectly clear, now. I used to tell one of my sons that something was not right, something's going on with me that I can't put my hand on and or explain. Finally, smh, I asked God, "What is this? Why is it that every time I try to move forward in ministry, tell a certain individual in my life about it, all of a sudden I hit a 40-foot wall?" That's when He, through different channels, told me there is "monitoring spirit" following your every move. I'm not afraid but am so, so thankful and glad to know, now, that I wasn't imagining things, lol. So I am asking for some to come into prayer with me against what's come against me, and I will do the same for you (pray for the needs that are on this page). Thank you in advance, and I love you all. Scripture: 31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
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Protection Strength, release, Guidance, healing of the mind,career
posted by: Carmen Johnson on 3/31/2019

I asking for prayer for my family { prayer for protection, guidance, mental illness, jobs, careers, financial satiability, strength, release, addictions. Prayer for my grandchildren's education and jobs, Prayer for my sister's eye sight to be restored. And a relationship with Christ,
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Prayer for deliverance and breakthrough
posted by: Angela Hughes on 3/19/2019

Please pray for my husband James the he would be the spiritual leader, provider and protector of our family. Pray that he puts the Lord first and listen to Jesus. That he would put the Lord first in our finances and honor our marriage. Pray that the Lord, would bless my husband’s work. that he would be diligent and prosperous and given favor both with the Lord and man. Pray everything that has been stolen from him and his wife would be returned 10 fold. That he would be the head and not the tail. That everything he does prospers.Pray that no weapon formed against us would prosper.. That the Lord would give him good health,wisdom and discernment. Pray that the Lord would give him strength to walk into opportunities he provides. That the Lord, would infuse his character with courage for daily decisions and heal the past wounds of my husband’s heart. Pray the Lord would guide my husband a s the leader of our home.help my husband’s parenting to reflect Jesus Christ to our children. May his leadership skills be empowered by the mind of Jesus Christ. Pray the Lord would lead my husbands hand and heart in our relationship, his work, our home, community and church. Also please pray for him to be protected and for the lord to place a guard over his heart, mouth and mind, Jesus. Also to protect him from temptation and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lastly pray for him to have encouraging and godly friendships. Break any soul ties or relationships that are not from the Lord. In Jesus Name Amen.
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Family in peril
posted by: Terrie on 3/15/2019

My family is in chaos and peril. My son in law doing drugs with young children in the house. Wanting divorce and not putting effort into his marriage. My daughter drinking too much. As well. My elderly father with demenia needs care 24 /7. I don’t know how I can take care of him. I need wisdom, strength, and guidance. I’m at a very difficult time in life. Plz help me. Pray for my family. My heart is breaking for this broken family
I will pray 2 people are praying.
Prayer fir my niece
posted by: Johnnie Harris on 3/3/2019

Prayer for my niece who is still grieving the loss of her son in sept of last year in a auto accident
I will pray 3 people are praying.
my son
posted by: annette on 2/21/2019

help my son Dan business be successful and prosperous, help him to stop playing video games, help him and his girlfriend Justyna get married and have a happy and prosperous marriage, I really need him and his brother be very close and have a good relationship, it's taking toll on my husband and myself, we are seniors and want to make sure he has someone in his life and be successful, please help
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Prayer request
posted by: Pastor Thiebestro on 2/21/2019

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom freedom chance success healty healing blessings, compasion life mercy of Jesus, grace of God, protection againts thieves, protection againts persécutions, must be in pastor Thiebestro's life in Jesus name.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: CYNTHIA A OSORIO on 2/4/2019

Lord I come to you humbled before your throne. I ask forgiveness of all my sins in the name of Jesus. Lord I am asking for my spiritual eyes to be opened and my spiritual ears to hear only you my God. I pray to be prepared and for my Spiritual Birthing to come forth this year. Miracles, I claim all debts wiped clean and for an increase financially to pay off all my debts, purchase my new home and purchase my new car. To be a blessing not only in your kingdom but to others as you direct me. I claim complete healing and to bring forth my ministry calling. I pray blessings, deliverance, salvation, redeeming anointed power over me, my family and all your children. We are in the last days. LORD I CLAIM YOUR HEALING ANOINTED POWER OVER ME THIS YEAR! I claim the blood of Jesus Christ over my life, family and all Gods children. RISE ME UP OH LORD!
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posted by: Johnnie Harris on 1/20/2019

Prayer for my family on the highway todayvtraveling back home to Indiana
I will pray 4 people are praying.
posted by: Johnnie Harris on 1/13/2019

In need if Prayer For my family I lost a family member yesterday Also my brother david harris My cousin jack reed and cousin ralph are in need of prayer due to sickness
I will pray 6 people are praying.
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